Scentys Buddies - The perfect gift for any kid!

You could never forget that special stuffed animal you took everywhere with you as a child.

That sense of security a child has with their favorite stuffed buddy is a close second only to their mother's loving presence.

There's a problem though: those little guys go through the ringer.

Dropped in a mud puddle, chewed on by the family dog, a little ketchup stain here and there; they can take a beating and smell like it too!

As a mama you cringe when they have to bring that beaten teddy bear to church, a wedding, or some other special gathering.

It's tough to pry it from your child's grasp even long enough to throw it in the washing machine.

With Scentsy Buddies, there's no need to worry about that anymore. Not only are the little guys cute as can be, you can also stuff a Scent Pak inside them to keep them smelling fresh no matter what they've been through.

These little buddies are stuffed animals that have a zipper in the back that opens a special pouch, which is capable of holding a Scent Pak.

There are a several different scents that you can choose from as well. 

For around $7, they're quite a steal too.

There's only 1 downside to the Scentsy Buddy, they introduce a new one every once in awhile and once it's sold out, they move on to the next Buddy.

So if you see one you like, don't waste any time!

It's the perfect gift for that kid in your life that has everything. These aren't stuffed animals you can purchase at the local retail store. You could be the one person at the birthday party that stands out with an excellent and unique gift.


These Scentsy stuffed animals aren't just for kids

You can never be too old for a cute stuffed animal. Scentsy Buddies are cute and unique enough to add to your decor too.

My great grandmother is 94 years young and since I was a little girl I can remember her having 2 little stuffed bears in rocking chairs in her living room right next to the television.

It is the cutest thing ever!

Whether you want to put them on a shelf or in rocking chairs, there's always a cute way to add that kind of innocence to your home.

I'm almost 30 now and it still brings me back to my childhood every time I see those little guys.

And... if you add a couple of Scentsy Buddies to your home, you get the added bonus of a nice fragrance in the room.

The selection of Scent Paks you can use in your Scentsy Buddy is surprisingly large. "A Wink & A Smile" is my favorite.

You can purchase this same Scentsy Bar for your warmers as well to keep that wonderful fragrance consistent throughout your house.

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